Lori Brock at Home

The Lori Brock Discovery Center offers programming for children throughout the year for fun and learning.  See below for the monthly calendar list of activities.

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Lori Brock at Home

Silly Science Experiments

We’ve got some fun and silly science experiments that you can do from home!

Click HERE for instructions and materials and have a BLAST!!!

Paper Bee Craft

We found this cute bee today flying around Lori Brock Discovery Center!
Bees are one of the hardest working and most interesting insects in the world! They make honey and pollinate flowers and trees!
Click HERE to create your own bee!
Lori Brock at home Finding Dory Craft

Finding Dory Craft

We miss seeing the lovely art the kids create at the Lori Brock Discovery Center!
Today we have a cute craft from the
Disney Movie Finding Dory! Check out the easy tutorial below and have your kids create their own. Click HERE!
Lori Brock at Home

Paper Rainbow

Sometimes you can make the most charming crafts with the simplest of supplies! Put your special spin on this Cute Paper Rainbow!

Click HERE for the tutorial!

Jelly Fish in a Bottle

Paper Bee Craft

Have you thought about the cool Pacific Ocean and the wonderful creatures in it? one of the most interesting creatures is the jellyfish!  Let’s make our own Jellyfish in a Bottle!

Follow the simple instructions of this video enjoy watching your own jellyfish swim anytime you’d like!

Lori Brock at Home

Finding Dory Craft

Ladybugs are beautiful and unusual insects! Did you know that they can have spots, stripes, or no markings at all?  Imagine that!  Would you like to make your own ladybug? 

Click HERE to make your own!

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