Exercise Classes at the Museum

Class Location
Standard Schoolhouse has parking, restrooms and a changing room; an open space with beautiful wooden floors and natural lighting.
No mirrors (no judgement, no pressure). All ages, shapes and sizes are welcome!
Doors are open for cross ventilation.

Mat Programs


Excercise Schedule & Rates
(KCM Members & Their Guests Only)

Weekly Schedule
Sundays 8:am-9:15am MAT pilates/yoga
Mondays 8:45-9:30am ZUMBA®
Tuesdays 8:45-9:30am CHAIR Zumba®/yoga
Thursdays 8am-8:45am MAT pilates/yoga
Thursdays 8:45-9:30am ZUMBA®


Monthly Rates
Sunday Mat $20/m
Zumba® Mondays & Thursdays $20/m
Chair $10/m
Thurdays Mat & Zumba® $20/m
Unlimited classes $45/m
KCM members & KCM members guest drop-in $10/class

Class Descriptions

MAT pilates/yoga: a gentle total body workout, strengthens, stretches, de-stresses, shapes and tones.
ZUMBA®: a fun, easy-to-follow light cardio-dance workout. No dance ability needed!!
CHAIR class: two in one – Zumba® in the chair followed by yoga in the chair.

What to Wear/What to Bring
Wear clothing suitable for the season that allows you to move freely.
Wear athletic footwear for Zumba
Bring drinking water
Bring a mat to Mat class

Contact Info
Instructor email: or text (661) 328-9022
Museum Event Director:

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